Note: this post is for Gestational Diabetes BUT also applicable to any situation where you need to lower your sugar intake.

Real Life: As I am typing this post, I am laying down on a bed at my OB/Gyn’s office. I am going through a 3 hour-long glucose test: if you’ve done it, you’ll know exactly how frustrating, exhausting and annoying it is. In a nutshell, you show up fasting, get your blood drawn and then have to drink a disgusting Glucose syrop in 1 go and then, still fasting, get your blood drawn every hour for a total of 3 hours. If your blood sugar level is high in 2+ tests, you are officially diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.

So, why am I doing that? Because I failed my first glucose test, earlier this week. This is a first for me and freaked me out big time. Me, destational diabetes? Wtf!

And yes, sometimes even if we try to play by the book, we go through chemical changes that are out of our control.

As I lay here, I am planning my diet changes. I will take this as an opportunity to further clean my diet, remove all processed sugars (sweets, sodas, pastries), fruit juices, processed carbs like pasta and find healthier alternatives when possible. Increase my protein intake and green leafy veggies, decrease carbs and sugars.

You know I am an advocate of Fruits, I defend all of them. But with potential Gestational Diabetes, I will make some changes. While I am a huge fan of my morning smoothies, I will be more selective on the fruits I take: berries, green apples and kiwis, instead of high sugar fruits like bananas, mangoes, peaches and melon.

Besides that, I will drink LOTS of water and ensure I move daily: either power walks and/or yoga are my favorite 🙂


Update: my test results were fine so I personally didn’t need to further streamline my diet. However, if you have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, email me and I’ll help you adapt yours. Please don’t worry, everything will be just fine!


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