As women, no matter whether we are Moms or not, we are always in “giving mode”.  Giving love, giving things, giving energy, giving time, giving work…. Give give give. Lately, I have paid more attention to what this “giving mode” does for me: sometimes it’s incredible gratifying… and sometimes it’s brutally depleting.

So today I decided to RECEIVE and see how it feels. Following the recommendation from a dear friend, I signed up for a Prenatal Class at Patti Quintero’s house in Santa Monica.  Despite me teaching yoga all the time, I had not received a yoga class “as a student” for 6 months. So, today, I did. I must say it was a very much needed act of Self-Love and way more transformative than I could ever imagine.

Focusing on what was going on inside my own body, breathing for myself and my baby, listening to my body, moving in a way that made sense for ME only… those are things we take for granted but they are so special. At the end, I felt an incredible joy and gratitude towards myself: for having dedicated some high-quality time to ME and my baby.

This brings me to reflect on Receiving as a practice. For those of us who’re more used to “giving”, “receiving” can sometimes feel unnatural. Whether it’s a material gift, a hug, a smile, a compliment… we don’t take the time or energy to truly receive the love and soak it in. I am now determined to focus on this a lot more: when someone gives me a hug, I will close my eyes and soak it all in…  when someone offers me a material gift, I will appreciate it a lot more… when someone offers me presence, time, help or love, I will embrace it fully and let my whole self soak it all in.

After today, I feel FULL. Full of love, joy, good vibes and gratitude. I am choosing to enjoy this fullness. It has a healing, therapeutic, caring effect… so amazing!

How about you, are you good at RECEIVING?


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