“As a woman, you are a whole universe where everything is related: what you eat, think, feel…”
Conquer the dream of Motherhood

Being a Mom is one of the best gifts life has to offer you. And the best news is that you don’t need to be resigned to believe the old saying of “when your time comes.” There is no need to blindly follow what you have heard, or have been told to do as a Pregnant woman, or as a Mother.

I have good news for you:

You can be an active creator of your fertility, your Pregnancy and your Motherhood. And you can do so outside the doctor’s consultancy, where you won’t always find either answers or solutions…

In the JOURNEY TO YOUR DREAMS program, I will be your personal coach for several months. Together we will dive into a journey, focusing on your health and wellbeing, with one or several of the following destinations:

  1. Conceiving a baby
  2. Enjoying a healthy and radiant Pregnancy
  3. Making a smooth and speedy Postpartum recovery



My method is based on a personal approach to Motherhood. We will meet twice a month (either in person or online) to analyze your situation, establish goals, and co-design the perfect strategy to achieve them.

  • We will design a nutrition plan adapted to your bio-individuality, and continuously revise it according to your feedback and personal preferences. You will try out new foods, and we will nourish your body, mind and soul.
  • We will chat, laugh, cry; you will learn and grow. We will dissolve former molds and judgments. We will read wise counsel, and you will meet challenges and breakthroughs.
  • We will rid you of old, damaging habits and construct new, positive and powerful ones. You will exercise, physically and emotionally, you will break free, sweat and rest.
  • We will create fresh space and good vibes. You will enjoy learning to love yourself more… and, naturally, you will achieve your dream of becoming a healthy and happy Mom.
So now tell me, what’s your dream?