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Is it time to start the path toward motherhood?

Are you ready to grow your family even more?

Do you want to evolve into the best version of your postpartum self?

Maternity is a unique and powerful journey—but it’s not without its share of missteps, misconceptions, and challenges.

This is Life. This is creating Life. This is living your best Life.

I understand your hopes, fears, and dreams because I’ve been exactly where you are. I’m a mother of three today, but my journey to motherhood wasn’t so linear. That’s why, for the last 10 years, I’ve guided and empowered hundreds of women and families on their pathway to and through motherhood.

Life is complicated. Creating Life shouldn’t be. My approach is 100% results-oriented, fully-integrated and fully-personalized - it’s 100% driven by you with one goal: help you achieve your dream of becoming a MOM.

Together, we’ll approach fertility, pregnancy, and the “fourth trimester” holistically. Combining years of experience in health and nutrition, extensive training in fertility and pregnancy science and yoga and meditation instruction with my uniquely warm, caring and mindful style, I will empower you and support you unconditionally, while inspiring you to reveal the best version of yourself.

Passionate and results oriented, I will combine education and the latest coaching techniques to hold you accountable and get you to your goals in a very transformational, effective way. I will help you improve your health and boost your fertility from every possible angle, all proven by the latest research. Together, we will create a personalized program that works great as stand alone or in concert with your medical doctor’s advice. You will experience a big body, mind and soul transformation: with lower inflammation levels, more balanced hormones, healthier weight, higher levels of energy, less cravings, enhanced fertility and healthier nutrition and lifestyle habits. We will empower you toward the realization of that ultimate dream: becoming a MOM.

I’m here to guide, advise, and support you, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, no matter where the journey leads.

Whether you’re just getting started or are struggling with getting pregnant, let’s talk. I’ve successfully coached more than 500 women as they overcame fertility issues and conceived healthy, happy babies. Now, it’s your turn



Mom of twins

With five viable eggs left, IVF was my last chance to get pregnant. My relationship with my husband was under pressure after four years of trying to conceive, with lots of discussions and fights. Fortunately my OB-GYN told me about Sonia.

In the beginning my husband was very skeptical about fertility coaching. Sonia was so patient with both of us and took him through her method: he decided to give her a chance. Sonia immediately designed tailor-made diets and supplements for each of us to boost the quality of my eggs and his sperm. She designed a yoga and meditation program and took us both through an empowering, self-discovery journey where we fell in love again and started a “new honeymoon.” 

Not only did we get Pregnant with twins, but we also rediscovered a passionate love for each other! Thanks, Sonia, for your magic wand in our relationship and for helping us conceive our double-trouble, much-loved twins!


Mom of two

"I met Sonia when I was 1 month Pregnant, swept by nausea, vomiting 8 times a day, having constant headaches, feeling exhausted and dehydrated. Sonia empathized with me, as she has been through 3 similar pregnancies herself, and guided me out of the storm into a beautiful, healthy and radiant Pregnancy. She helped me build a nourishing diet for every stage of my Pregnancy, she taught me how to cook easy, yummy recipes, she shared her yoga prenatal videos with me, she helped me relief all my discomforts and fears and prepared me for an easy, natural birth at home. My favorite part: her guided Pregnancy meditations at the beginning of each session!"


Mom of three

"I hired Sonia after I had my 3rd child: I found myself overwhelmed with 2 toddlers plus a newborn to look after, while trying to recover from an unexpected C-section delivery. I looked forward to meeting with Sonia every 2 weeks as she provided constructive ideas and tips, much encouragement, and grounding as I struggled with binges, breastfeeding, milk supply, sleep deprivation, hormone changes, aches and pains and everything involved in the first months of Motherhood. I immediately trusted Sonia and appreciated her holistic and personally tailored approach. While already relatively food-educated, I gained tremendous knowledge and felt very supported to rework my thinking around food and adopt a complex, balanced and healthy eating approach, for me and my entire family. I can’t believe how much healthier my kids are eating now! Sonia is warm, down to earth and comprehending… yet very focused on my goals. I am forever thankful and now proudly call her “family” as I truly feel she’s a key family member!"


Hi, I am Sonia.

Are you struggling to get pregnant? Or have you welcomed your baby and, now, are facing pregnancy or postpartum challenges?

I’m here—and I can help. I want to empower you to achieve your dream of Motherhood.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum.

That’s why my fully-customized coaching blends science and lifestyle.

We will work together and address the following and so much more:

  • Getting you in tune with your unique cycle
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Optimizing your nutrition with specific meal plans
  • Helping you reach your healthiest weight
  • Finding the right supplements for you and your partner
  • Boosting your hydration
  • Improving your sleep hygiene
  • Reducing your stress levels
  • Designing the perfect movement/fitness/yoga plan for you
  • Reducing your exposure to endocrine disruptive environmental toxins
  • Enhancing your connection with your partner
  • Helping you cope with grief and loss
  • Helping you manage the emotional rollercoaster on your journey to your baby
  • Facilitating your spiritual and personal development

Overcoming fertility issues and bringing a healthy baby into the world takes more than OB-GYN visits. In-step with your doctor and your specific conditions and circumstances we’ll craft a coaching plan designed for you—and no one else.

As I’ve seen over and over the only successful path to pregnancy is the one built for you, your body, and your journey. Together, we’ll define and refine every step, and help you get to your healthy BABY…. on your terms.