“I was told I wouldn’t be able to have kids…”
I want to be a Mom more than anything in the world
"I want to be a Mom more than anything in the world"
“I want to be a Mom so badly”, “I am dying to be a Mom”… I’ve heard these words hundreds of times. I have said them myself, before I realized that Motherhood was within my reach.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always an easy path. Sometimes, years go by and the baby doesn’t arrive. You may even have received comments or a diagnosis that made you think you would never have kids.

I’ve helped women diagnosed with infertility, with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), bad quality eggs, endometriosis, fallopian tube disorder… and today, they are enjoying a new life as a Mom.

Pregnancy unfolds a complex system of conditions that allow conception to ignite the spark.

To light that fire, we need to take all possible factors into account, and improve each of them, one at a time.

And this is why I encourage you to join me on this trip. On a transformational, personal journey towards Motherhood.

Together, we will create the perfect environment to welcome a new life inside you.



“Sonia has a magical way of making you see the world of fertility in a new light. I met her when I was demoralized after 3 OB-Gyn’s diagnosing me with infertility, due to extremely poor egg quality. My husband kept saying we could adopt a child, but I refused to believe I was not able to create life inside me.

I then met Sonia though a mutual friend, and my world changed 5 minutes into our first conversation.
Sonia is extremely kind, warm, thoughtful and supportive. She understood my feelings from minute 1 and kept reading my mind and my heart all the time. She often uses the analogy that conceiving a baby is like lighting a fire: we need good quality wood, the right sparkle and also all the right factors around it, like the right humidity, protection from wind, etc. As she said, I shouldn’t obsess about the quality of my eggs as the only factor… because, even if they were the best quality, we won’t ‘light the fire’ if I’m stressed, malnourished, dehydrated, sleep deprived or full of negative feelings.

To cut a long story short, Sonia took me under her wing for a magical journey to fertility, empowerment and trust. She urged me to own every single aspect of my life through an upgrade of my food, my sleep habits, my approach to relationships, my attitude, my thoughts, my feelings… and so much more! I got Pregnant naturally 5 months after working with her, and I can say hands down that I owe her this baby. Sonia was become my health ally and I definitely want her to help me prepare for a healthy, natural birth!”

Achieve your dream of becoming a Mom


For this journey, I will need your full commitment and dedication. JOURNEY TO YOUR DREAMS is a path to personal transformation that will change the way you…

  • Eat. The one-size-fits-all diets always fail. We will design a tailor-made nutrition plan; personalized to your bio-individuality.
  • Think. Your thoughts create your reality, and affect your health and your opportunities. We will optimize them with positive psychology and mindfulness techniques.
  • Sleep. We will repair and solidify a healthy sleeping routine.
  • Move. Physical exercise is key to preparing your body. We will create the perfect home for a new life, with the help of yoga, meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Feel and relate to others. We will build a favorable and empowering emotional network.
How we’ll work together

We will meet every 2 weeks either online (Skype, FaceTime…) or in person (if you live in Los Angeles or Barcelona).


The first session is free. We will connect, evaluate your situation and analyze your goals.


In each session (which lasts one hour) we will establish a list of goals for the next, and will revise your achievements


I will give you exclusive material to guide you through the whole process: articles, books, videos, recipes, food samples… and sometimes we will even shop and cook together!


You will have unlimited access to my complete, private educational material, as well as my fertility yoga and meditation videos.

You choose!


Short working plan to implement specific changes in your life


Achieve sound changes with a longer follow-up


Best option for ambitious and long-lasting results

Free trial session

A first meeting to change your life

Sometimes a simple conversation can turn your life around. Forever.

This was the case for Julie, who’s now a proud Mommy of a beautiful boy. And for many other clients, who decided to take the first step on their path to health, happiness and Motherhood.

With my free trial session, I offer you the opportunity to try my coaching services first-hand.

This first session includes:
  • 1 hour consultation on your health and lifestyle
  • Assessment of your health history
  • Analysis of your dreams and goals (short and long-term)
  • Welcome package and access to my newsletter