“Why am I feeling this way..?”
Cristina Rodríguez
“Enjoy your new life as a Mom”

Congratulations! You’re already a Mom. You are now beginning a new phase in your life, which you deserve to enjoy to the fullest.

For nine months, your body and mind have been through a unique, transformational experience.
Your emotions and feelings have changed, as have your priorities.

Your body has been through a tough test, and I’m sure you are longing to bounce back to your former shape and feel in good form again.
You’re facing exhaustion, sleep deprivation, hormonal chaos and extreme mood change.

And, above all, you fear not being the Mother you’d always wanted to be; you often worry that “you’re doing something wrong”. You were dreaming of this moment, but it’s not all a bed of roses. Sometimes you feel misunderstood and guilty for not feeling as happy as you “should”. Am I wrong?

I know how you feel.

You’re living a phase that can be stressful and exhausting, but it is also truly beautiful… This is your moment to enjoy your baby and become a radiant Mom.

I’ll help you make your way there.



“Three months after I had my baby, I really wanted to get in shape and lose my baby weight… but I also wanted to continue breastfeeding. All my friends seemed to have bounced back to their pre-baby bodies and I still looked Pregnant… But as so on as I reduced calories, my milk supply dropped dramatically, which felt awful as it was already pretty low. I struggled to find the way… until I met Sonia.
She opened my eyes to a whole new way of eating: upping the nutrition density, getting rid of unproductive calories, boosting my milk supply, making me feel so energetic and happy… and, the best part: I lost my baby weight quickly and steadily. The result: I am now at 6 months after delivery, my weight has dropped even lower than pre-pregnancy, I have my body back (only more toned up thanks to her kick-ass yoga classes and videos)… My freezer is full with breast milk bottles (I have to stock up as I am producing so much milk), I am full of en energy, I have a healthy, happy baby and I am the happiest woman in the world!”

Sail through a smooth and fast Postpartum recovery

To achieve your goals, I will need your full commitment and dedication. JOURNEY TO YOUR DREAMS is a path to personal transformation that will change the way you…

  • Eat. The one-size-fits-all diets always fail. We will design an tailor-made nutrition plan, personalized to your bio-individuality and the requirements of every stage of your Pregnancy. A healthy Mom for a healthy baby!
  • Think. Your thoughts create your reality and affect your health and your baby’s. We will optimize them with positive psychology and mindfulness techniques.
  • Sleep. We will repair and solidify a healthy sleeping routine, minimizing interruptions, and improving postures to improve your rest and your baby’s wellbeing.
  • Move. Physical exercise is key to navigating though the different Pregnancy challenges, and prepare your body for birth. We will design a customized exercise plan, including yoga, meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Feel and relate to others. We will build a favorable and empowering emotional network, which will support you during these extra sensitive moments.
How we’ll work together

We will meet every 2 weeks either online (Skype, FaceTime…) or in person (if you live in Los Angeles or Barcelona).


The first session is free. We will connect, evaluate your situation and analyze your goals.


In each session (which lasts one hour) we will establish a list of goals for next, and we will revise your achievements


I will offer you exclusive material to guide you through the whole process: articles, books, videos, recipes, food samples… sometimes we will even shop and cook together!


You will have unlimited access to all my complete private educational material, as well as yoga and meditation Postpartum videos.

You choose!


Short working plan to implement specific changes in your life


Achieve sound changes with a longer follow-up


Best option for ambitious and long-lasting results

Free trial session

A first meeting to change your life

Sometimes a simple conversation can turn your life around. Forever.

This was the case for Julie, who’s now a proud Mommy of a beautiful boy. And for many other clients, who decided to take the first step on their path to health, happiness and Motherhood.

With my free trial session, I offer you the opportunity to try my coaching services first-hand.

This first session includes:
  • 1 hour consultation on your health and lifestyle
  • Assessment of your health history
  • Analysis of your dreams and goals (short and long-term)
  • Welcome package and access to my newsletter