“Pregnancy can be a rollercoaster of physical and emotional changes…”

An unforgettable experience

Congratulations! A new life is growing inside you. A unique, irreplaceable life that will soon become a beautiful baby.

During our sessions, I’ll help you prepare for this long-awaited arrival. I know pregnancy can be a rollercoaster of emotions, body changes and challenges (especially if it’s your first). But I also know that, with the right support, you can experience all of the magic and wonder of pregnancy—and, at the end, welcome your baby into the family.

In my coaching program and in collaboration with your OB-GYN, I’ll help you live your pregnancy as an opportunity to transform and fill your life with health and happiness.



“I met Sonia when I was just seven weeks pregnant. I was constantly nauseated, vomiting eight times a day, with relentless headaches, feeling exhausted and dehydrated. In one word: MISERABLE. Sonia empathized with me, as she has been through three similar pregnancies herself. She guided me out of the storm into a beautiful, healthy and radiant Pregnancy. She helped me build a healthy pregnancy diet for every stage of my Pregnancy. She taught me how to cook easy, yummy recipes. She shared her pregnancy yoga videos with me. She helped me relieve all my discomforts and fears and prepared me for an easy, natural birth at home. My favorite part: her guided Pregnancy meditations at the beginning of each session!”

Enjoy a healthy, radiant pregnancy

To achieve your goals, I will need your full commitment and dedication. JOURNEY TO YOUR DREAMS is a path to personal transformation that will change the way you…

  • Eat.The one-size-fits-all diet always fails. We will design a tailor-made nutrition plan, personalized to your unique bio-individuality and the requirements of every stage of your pregnancy. A healthy Mom for a healthy baby!
  • Think. Your thoughts create your reality and affect your health and your baby’s. We will optimize them with positive psychology and scientifically proven mindfulness techniques.
  • Sleep. We will repair and solidify a healthy sleeping routine, minimizing interruptions, and improving postures to improve your rest and your baby’s wellbeing.
  • Move. Physical exercise is key to navigating through the different pregnancy challenges, and preparing your body for birth. We will create the perfect home for a new life, with the help of yoga and relevant fitness exercises.
  • Feel & Relate. We will build a favorable and empowering emotional network, which will support you during these extra sensitive moments.
  • Breathe.We will practice breathing techniques, mindfulness and meditation to help you activate your parasympathetic nervous system
  • Cleanse.We will work holistically on ways to reduce inflammation, including the elimination of endocrine disruptive environmental toxins from your life.

How we’ll work together

We will meet every two weeks either online or in person (Los Angeles or Barcelona).


The first session is free. We will connect, evaluate your situation and analyze your goals.


In each 50 minute session we will establish a list of goals for the next, and will revise and acknowledge your achievements


I will give you uniquely individualized material to guide you through the whole process: articles, books, videos, recipes, food samples… and sometimes we will even shop and cook together.


You will have unlimited access to my complete, private educational materials, as well as my week-by-week pregnancy yoga and meditation videos.


You will have access to me 24/7



Choose the plan that’s right for you and your growing family.


Short working plan to kick-start specific lifestyle changes


Establish meaningful changes with a longer follow-up


Best option for ambitious and long-lasting results

Free trial session

A first meeting to change your life

Sometimes a simple conversation can turn your life around. Forever.

This was the case for Julie, who’s now a proud Mommy of a beautiful boy. And for many other clients, who decided to take the first step on their path to health, happiness and motherhood.

With my free trial session, I offer you the opportunity to try my coaching services first-hand.

This first session includes:
  • 50 minute consultation on your health and lifestyle
  • Assessment of your health history
  • Analysis of your dreams and goals (short and long-term)
  • Welcome package and access to my newsletter