Valentina Spah


‘‘Sonia is 8 people in 1’’

Sonia is 8 people in 1: nutritionist, life coach, spiritual advisor, yoga teacher, relationship therapist, lactation consultant, psychologist, child educator and field commander.

Julie Leblanc
‘‘My world changed 5 minutes into our first conversation…’’

Sonia has a magical way of making you see the world of fertility in new light. I met her when I was demoralized after 3 OB-Gyn’s diagnosing me with infertility, due to extremely poor egg quality. I was very skeptical about all “natural approaches”, I was demotivated and had completely lost hope. I was disappointed at myself for not being able to fulfill my biggest dream of being a Mom. I had endless fights with my husband about it: he kept saying we could adopt a child, but I refused to believe I was not able to create life inside me. I then met Sonia though a mutual friend, and my world changed 5 minutes into our first conversation.

Sonia is extremely kind, warm, thoughtful and supportive. She understood my feelings from minute 1 and kept reading my mind and my heart all the time. For the first time, I felt some hope and excitement. She often uses the analogy that conceiving a baby is like lighting a fire: we need good quality wood, the right spark and also all the right factors around it, like the right humidity, protection from wind, etc. As she said, conceiving a baby is very similar: I shouldn’t obsess about the quality of my eggs as the only factor… because even if they were the best quality, we won’t “light the fire” if I’m stressed, malnourished, dehydrated, sleep deprived or full of negative feelings.

To cut a long story short, Sonia took me under her wing for a magical journey to fertility, empowerment and trust. She urged me to own every single aspect of my life through an upgrade of my food, my sleep habits, my approach to relationships, my attitude, my thoughts, my feelings… and so much more! I got Pregnant naturally 5 months after working with her, and I can say hands down that I owe her this baby. I will continue working with her through my Pregnancy, as I completely trust her to guide my through all stages of Motherhood. Sonia was become my health ally and I definitely want her to help me prepare for a healthy, natural birth!

Cristina Rodríguez


‘My husband was skeptical…, now we have twins!’’

I had 5 viable eggs left and IVF was my last chance to get Pregnant. My relationship with my husband was under pressure after having tried to get Pregnant for 4 years, with lots of discussions and fights. I heard of Sonia through my OB-Gyn but my husband was very skeptical and didn’t believe in health coaching. Sonia was patient enough to meet with both of us and take him through her method: he decided to give her a chance. Sonia helped design tailor-made diets to boost both my eggs and his sperm quality, she designed a yoga + meditation program and took us both through a self-discovery, empowering journey where we fell in love again and started a “new honeymoon”. Not only did we get Pregnant with twins, but we also rediscovered a passionate love for each other! Thanks, Sonia, for your magic wand in our relationship and for helping us conceive our double-trouble, much loved twins!

Audrey Spaven
‘‘She helped in every stage of my Pregnancy’’

I met Sonia when I was 1 month Pregnant, swept by nausea, vomiting 8 times a day, having constant headaches, feeling exhausted and dehydrated. Sonia empathized with me, as she has been through 3 similar pregnancies herself, and guided me out of the storm into a beautiful, healthy and radiant Pregnancy. She helped me build a nourishing diet for every stage of my Pregnancy, she taught me how to cook easy, yummy recipes, she shared her yoga prenatal videos with me, she helped me relief all my discomforts and fears and prepared me for an easy, natural birth at home. My favorite part: her guided Pregnancy meditations at the beginning of each session!

Laura Carmen


"Sonia got me Pregnant (and I had PCOS)…"

Sonia got me Pregnant, as simple as that. My OB-Gyn referred me to her as I was getting worryingly obsessed with trying to conceive with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): she told me Sonia would help me calm down and optimize my fertility. At first, I was skeptical as I had already seen a bunch of doctors and felt very tired, frustrated and misunderstood. I met with her and really liked her: there was something in her I could trust. I took a leap of faith and hired her on her 6 month program… the rest is history. I got Pregnant 3 months into it, and felt so supported all the way through: Sonia believed in me and empowered me from all different angles: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and sexually. She turned me from a demoralized, hopeless wreck into a brave, sexy, fertility goddess. I now have a 3 month old, healthy, happy baby: what else could I ask for?

Audrey Bolt
‘‘She’s become a key family member’’

I hired Sonia after I had my 3rd child: I found myself overwhelmed with 2 toddlers plus a newborn to look after, while trying to recover from an unexpected C-section delivery. I looked forward to meeting with Sonia every 2 weeks as she provided constructive ideas and tips, much encouragement, and grounding as I struggled with binges, breastfeeding, milk supply, sleep deprivation, hormone changes, aches and pains and everything involved in the first months of Motherhood. I immediately trusted Sonia and appreciated her holistic and personally tailored approach. While already relatively food-educated, I gained tremendous knowledge and felt very supported to rework my thinking around food and adopt a complex, balanced and healthy eating approach, for me and my entire family. I can’t believe how much healthier my kids are eating now! Sonia is warm, down to earth and comprehending… yet very focused on my goals. I am forever thankful and now proudly call her “family” as I truly feel she’s a key family member!

Jackie Ronald


‘‘… got my husband and kids to eat veggies and fruit!’’

Sonia got me to do yoga, got me to move my body, got me to develop a sustainable and healthy diet that I’m not going to give up when I stop working with her, and got my husband and kids to eat veggies and fruit! She has taught me so many things about the psychology of eating and mindfulness and health! Thank you, thank you!!!

Martha Isaak
‘‘I’ve lost 30 Pregnancy-lbs and gained a new attitude towards food’’

Even though I had my kids over 5 years ago, I was struggling with my weight and body shape. I had always dreamed of going back to my pre-baby weight, and had tried every single diet I had come across, all without success. After years of restrictive diets, I decided to try something different. I had never seen a health coach and didn’t know what to expect… and I must say Sonia has been invaluable on my journey towards body acceptance: she provided useful methods, ideas and tangible plans to help me change my thoughts and goals about nutrition. Many people beat themselves up about how they look, what they eat and when to exercise. Through Sonia’s coaching, one learns that foods aren’t bad or good, what a macronutrient rich snack consists of and that our bodies need different types of exercise. Her program proved to me that I can lose weight while eating all foods in moderation and without starving myself. Seeing Sonia allowed me to re-evaluate my journey with food. Sonia is kind, thoughtful and supportive… but also results-oriented: she won’t stop until you’re happy. Why wouldn’t anyone want to enhance their life and attitude towards food? She has helped me lose over 30lbs and approach eating in a positive, relaxed way.

Sandra Ramírez


‘‘My body is better than pre-pregnancy’’

Three months after I had my baby, I really wanted to get in shape and lose my baby weight… but I also wanted to continue breastfeeding. All my friends seemed to have bounced back to their pre-baby bodies and I still looked Pregnant… I felt very self-conscious about my body and weight. As soon as I reduced calories, my milk supply dropped dramatically, which felt awful as it was already pretty low. I struggled to find the way… until I met Sonia. She opened my eyes to a whole new way of eating: upping the nutrition density, getting rid of unproductive calories, boosting my milk supply, making me feel so energetic and happy… and, the best part: I lost my baby weight quickly and steadily. The result: I am now at 6 months after delivery, my weight has dropped even lower than pre-pregnancy, I have my body back (only more toned up thanks to her kick-ass yoga classes and videos), my freezer is full with breast milk bottles (I have to stock up as I am producing so much milk), I am full of en energy, I have a healthy, happy baby and I am the happiest woman in the world!